Walker H28s

Walker H-28's were built in Geelong, Australia by Kan Walker, founder of the Walker Boat Company. They were by far the most popular of the fibreglass Herreshoff designs in Australia with 80 or more built.

Hull Measurements

Component Measurement
LOA 8.90 m
LWL 7.37 m
Beam 2.80 m
Draught 1.27 m
Displacement 5,000 kg
Ballast 2,500 kg
Headroom 1.88 m

Sail Area


Sail Area Luff Leach Foot LP
Main 16.45 sqm 8.85 9.20 3.54
Mizzen 7.3 sqm 5.90 6.25 2.36
No. 1 27.5 sqm 10.38 10.03 5.66 5.31
No. 2 * 21.1 sqm 9.08 9.09 4.82 4.65
No. 3 * 17.7 sqm 8.39 8.09 4.48 4.38
No. 4 10.54 sqm 7.79 7.08 3.07 2.71

Cutter Headed Ketch

Sail Area Luff Leach Foot LP
Yankee 12.40 sqm 9.09 6.67 4.24 2.74
Staysail 7.3 sqm 6.97 6.36 2.56 2.32
Drifter (No. 1) 25.7 sqm 9.09 9.39 5.76 5.30

Bowsprit Projection Past Stem Head

Component Measurement
Ketch 0.60 m
Cutter Headed ketch 1.06 m

A number of H28s were built during the 1970s by Walker Boat Co Ltd in Geelong, Australia. The original brochure makes mention of the robustness of the construction and the capability for long ocean voyages. The layup is heavier than other fibreglass H28 designs and the cockpit drains quickly expel green water. The Walker H28 hull has a lifted sheer and the draft has been increased. Also the transom is curved with the tiller passing through a slot in transom and attached at right angles to the rudderstock between the top pintle and the water line. This slot also acts as the cockpit drain, and because of this setup they have no lazarette or stern locker as the two side seats in the cockpit are moulded right through to the transom. The cockpit is enlarged. The deck moulding is also different with more of an upstand at the gunwale to take the stanchions. Most of the yachts built are ketch rigged with a bowsprit and taller rig with two sets of spreaders